Sandi Harmer, “Israurlei” is an Author, Spiritual Intuitive, Medium and Teacher of Intuitive Development Classes as well teaching several healing modalities.

She is the Divine Creator of Light Focused Imagination Therapy (LFIT) Master/Trainer. Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)® Master, LaStone Therapist, Certified in Aromatouch and is an Anger Solutions Master Trainer (Canadian Anger Solutions Assoc.)

It has been an honour to work in the healing field for over 35 years offering a wide range of healing and inspirational awakenings. Whether I am working with Spirit, Angels, Guides or Stones my intention is to listen to their voices and pass along messages to you during the healing sessions.

My divine creative flow has allowed me to design sessions for individuals, couples and groups to not only heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level but to provide an opportunity to develop your intuitive abilities through my Intuitive Development classes. (see Classes).

Sessions and workshops are also available for children.

I welcome you to inquire about any of the healing sessions, training or classes or private readings.



My Aura done in Sedona. Arizona, October 2015. Leon Pelletier, well-known aura photographer who took the picture provided the following explanation:

The white and purple colours above my head signifies that I am working at the highest level in the heavens of white light. If you look to the right of the picture above my crown chakra there is a small, very bright, white dot representing a higher being. As it shows so small it indicates that this high vibration is very close to me. This anomaly shown is uncommon in Aura pictures so I was quite excited to have this being shine through. The left side showing pink represents pure unconditional love and the blues acknowledge the angelic teaching that I do.

As a note I received the message while meditating on Bell Rock in Sedona, that the dot was White Angel. She then gave me the name “Israurlei” (pronounced IS RAW LEE AH)