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GRUMBLIES AND RAINBOWS IN CRAYONLAND are 3 delightful stories with crayons as the characters. Come along on a self-discovery journey of the crayons in Crayonland. In the first story, Who Will Pick The Yellow Crayon, children are captivated with Yellow Crayon’s antics in wanting to be like the rest of the crayons as he tries to get noticed, but what he discovers are his own unique qualities. In the second story Grumblies In Crayonland, children identify with the feelings and wishes of the crayons and in doing so help them to discover their own uniqueness while exploring the issues of diversity. The last story Rainbow’s Beginnings ends with all the crayons learning about trust and joining together through team spirit to create something magnificent for the world to behold.


Praise For Grumblies & Rainbows In Crayonland

I read the girls your book that you so kindly autographed for us last night. Ella did like the different colours (3yrs) and Hannah (5yrs)had questions about the different colours and their feelings-and not just a "why" but "was that because" etc etc. Thanks cuz. It's nice to see them associate feelings of someone else and contemplate social interaction. Publish a few more for the up and coming caregivers that will be looking after us eventually. I appreciate the fact that a young mind got that from a first reading of your book. Good on ya!!

Jonathan Harmer


Meadow my newest fan of my book Grumblies and Rainbows In Crayonland, Meadow lives in Nova Scotia but I met her in Florida!

Meadow, Florida, USA


I really like this book.  It makes me want to be a writer so I can tell people about different kinds of feelings.  I am reading this book before I go to bed, and it gives me a nice feeling inside.

Jeffrey Pelletier, Age 9, Ottawa, ON


My nine-year-old son has discovered this wonderful book.  He keeps it in a small collection of treasured books next to his bed.  This book is one of his favourites, and after he reads it each night, he goes to sleep thinking about the world of crayon characters.

Dr. Fred Pelletier, Psychologist, Ottawa, ON