For Sandi's Workshops and Healing Therapies


You began the reading with a connection to my mother that was so instantly profound and right on I almost cried. To say she was teaching children on the other side was incredibly healing. At the end of her life, all she could talk about were children: the lost children, the dead children, etc. Her life was all about children and teaching. She loved children.  So thank you for the incredible opening statement and gift of her essence.  The rest of the reading was also incredibly accurate, even down to 'she doesn't really want to give your father time to talk--this is her time!'  Just like her.  Thank you for your loving compassion in which you offered the reading, and thank you for the incredible healing you created by opening the door to these messages!  Love you Israurlei!

Phoenix Rising Star, Sedona, Arizona


Sandi and I have been friends for 36 years. I have been with my friend through her struggles, adventures and been on this incredible 36 year journey that has brought her to be a "Spirit Talker".  There is not a lot that we don't know about each other so on this September day as I attended my first group reading I was amazed at her insights and the amount of energy it takes to do what she does. Sandi had told me that it is difficult for her to read people she is close to, therefore I had no expectations. When she turned to me and spirit told her about the "crows" being my totem animal I was speechless. I suspected this for years and never told a soul.  She had other insights for me that night and in particular about cousins that she had absolutely no knowledge about, and were later validated. It was an inspiring evening. Sandi is the real deal. 

Dianna Hardy, Calgary, Alberta


Testimonial for Light Focused Imagination Therapy

"Sandi’s Light Focused Imagination Therapy is one of the absolute best healing modalities I have encountered. I have trained in and practiced several modalities, professionally, and this one stands out a lot.

Having known Sandi over the past several years, I have seen her become a very accomplished Medium and have witnessed both first hand and through the personal accounts of others that she is truly connected with and channeling a very beautiful and different energy than anyone else I have met.

My personal experience with Sandi and Light-FIT is a transformational one. During the healing itself and for several days after, I experienced an amazing and gentle and yet incredible powerful shifts. On a mental, emotional and spiritual level I noticed a deeper integration of my own understanding of my life’s purpose and that is something very precious, unique and beautiful to me.

I am in awe and gratitude.

‘Mathew Stapely, Psychic-Medium’


Testimonial for Self-esteem and Assertiveness and the Spiritual Self

Sandi’s classes changed me and my life tremendously. I have been doing a lot of work on my self-esteem for the last few years through books, workshops, meditation, and other spiritual practices. I heard and knew most of the concepts we studied during the classes so I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing impact it still had on me, the huge shift. I have been able to clear ideas, values, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve me and adopt new ones. My life has changed for ever and for the best. The whole process raised my vibration and spiritual life to a whole new level.

Sandi's Assertiveness Classes gave me the tools and the courage to speak and be in my truth. I can now stand in my own power with love and confidence. My relationship with myself and others has improved beyond expectations. My insomnia is gone!

Carine H.


I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how very much I enjoyed your Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Classes. I only wish that I could do the IET Master Class with you, as well!

Am thrilled to have a new Angelic mode of healing to offer my clients, in my own practice. I very much appreciated your professional, knowledgeable and thorough teachings and guidance.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services and/or teachings, to any who were interested in learning to healing with the Angels.


Colleen McIntosh
Angel Divinations Inc.


Sandi Harmer was one of the first to participate in Anger Solutions™ training in the late 90’s and she has been a solid facilitator and advocate of the program from the beginning. She is by far one of the best, most knowledgeable Certified Anger Solutions™ Trainer in our network. Her energy and creativity is contagious, and she expertly communicates the values, philosophy, and methodology of Anger Solutions™ every time.

Julie Christiansen, President,  BODA reLEAF consulting, St. Catharines, ON

Sandi Harmer’s series is a brilliant and creative addition to her already growing body of written work and will delight her reading audience of professionals, parents and children. A most delightful, entertaining and informative literary feast. Bravo!

Andrew Hrnchiar MD,  Ottawa, ON

Dear Sandi,
Thank you for such a lovely evening. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Since then I have been playing with the angel energy namely Ariel and also AA Michael whose energy I am most familiar with. I find my capacity to sense the energy is stronger now. I may be interested in deepening my understanding and experience so pls keep me informed. I particularly enjoyed your gentle and intuitive approach.

With blessings, Linda McCabe

Sometimes my heart has a hard time finding its voice. A good friend ‘of the Spirit’ can help. That’s what Sandi Harmer and Sage helped me with at their workshop—they helped the shy parts of my heart to find my voice. When I heard that Sandi was leading a workshop with her friend Sage, I decided to attend without hesitation. I didn’t ask what the program content was going to be; I didn’t need to. I just knew that I wanted to be there. And I’ve been working with Spirit and my guides long enough to just trust the feeling. I don’t bother asking the why’s and wherefore’s and details about what was going to happen. I have learned that everything I do has a purpose and that whatever I needed to know would be revealed during the experience. Or not. And either way, it would be perfect. The Big Picture is sometimes given to me in detail, and sometimes not. But in this case, I was able to learn a thing or two about myself through the guidance and inspiration of Sandi and Sage during the workshop. I learned that I could start to trust some parts of my heart that I had probably been afraid of for a long time. They guided me to discover the courage to give voice to parts of myself that I had kept under wraps. They gave me a gift of freedom that day. And I respect the gift of every teacher that brings me closer to my true self. Thanks to you both, and to your wonderful guides, for a beautiful experience!

Blessings and Light,

Maureen Landry


You have helped me many times, providing exactly what I needed when I needed it. I have enjoyed and appreciated the various classes I have attended that you have guided.  My life's journey is so blessed because of your intuitive and grounding attention I have received, both through your gracious and loving personality and your incredible gifts.

Much love and appreciation,