Light Focused Imagination Therapy


Introduction to Light Focused Imagination Therapy©


“ISRAURLEI” pronounced ‘IS RAW LEE AH’

My name given to me by White Angel in Sedona, Arizona 2015

Light Focused Imagination Therapy (LFIT- pronounced Light FIT) is the healing therapy of love and light in our Spiritual Realm. The therapy of compassion (heart focused), compassion for self. In our physical body the heart vibrates at the highest level of all organs and it is through our heart vibration that we are able to connect with our higher self.

Light Focused Imagination Therapy uniqueness is inspired “souly” in the Spiritual Realm. Everything at the Soul Level can be accessed when it is your time to receive it. LFIT helps you to connect at the Soul Level to access the information that you need to bring into your consciousness at an emotional and mental level. LFIT supports your soul information to be brought to the earth plane by you, to be able to truly work with your Divine origin and missions.

“This is an amazing way to connect with the Spiritual Realm and work with some of your life codes.” (Archangel Uriel)

LFIT, is an interactive therapy with self, sending and receiving golden light beams to the Spiritual Aura of Self. It is the tool to our higher self through transmutation - opening the door to our imagination, connecting with self in our spiritual realm; inspiring inner awakenings.

LFIT is anopportunity for the individual to work at a spiritual level, to set intentions for manifestation. Light Focused Imagination Therapy is the light source of our inner vision. LFIT connects as well with the core centre of the earth’s light, the Golden Sphere of Light connectedness to Source, working at a higher level of self.

LFIT is a very unique therapy that is able to cut across all barriers to reach and work within the Spiritual Realm guiding us at a higher vibration to work with our Divine origin and missions.

Today there is much to do about being fit with the Physical body and the Mind. There are classes to become physically fit and classes for the art of Mindfulness but there are no classes about the Spiritual body being fit until NOW! LFIT is the action tool.

LFIT works with Sacred Geometry (Triangles), along with the Brazilian Stone Chakra Set connecting the Spiritual plane with the Earth plane.

LFIT is guided by Archangel Uriel and Archangel Zadkiel who have come at our request to help us discover and revive our Light Being.


Investment: $195 includes manual and certificate of completion.